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Planet Fitness is being sued for respecting trans people

Planet Fitness is being sued for respecting trans people


Remember Yvette Cormier? She’s the charming woman who was booted from a Planet Fitness gym in Michigan after she complained and complained and complained about a trans woman using the women’s locker room.

Well, she’s back — and she’s suing Planet Fitness for more than $25,000 in damages. She filed a complaint in state court alleging that the gym’s trans-inclusive policy is an “invasion of privacy” that will lead to sexual harassment against women and children. Never mind that trans-inclusive facilities policies have virtually never resulted in these consequences. 

As an added bonus, Cormier is being represented by a notoriously anti-LGBT father-and-son legal team. Here’s a breakdown of the “damages” she suffered, from Zack Ford over at ThinkProgress:

1) A violation to her right to privacy — “a man used the locker room while Mrs. Cormier was using the locker room” — that caused her “embarrassment, humiliation, and severe emotional distress.
2) A loss of gym facilities, fear about using the gym facilities, embarrassment and humiliation, severe emotional distress, damage to reputation, and “all other damages that reasonably flow from Defendants’ outrageous behavior.”
3) “Conduct and communication of a sexual nature.”
4) Wrongful termination of membership agreement and breach of contract.
5) The following “exemplary damages”: “aggravation, annoyance, discomfort, disgrace, feelings of oppression, humiliation, inconvenience, indignation, insult, mental anxiety, mental suffering, mortification, outrage, scorn, shame, sorrow, vexation, and worry.”

Just this week, the Michigan Civil Rights Commission endorsed model legislation that would protect people against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, anywhere in the state of Michigan. Politics, culture and common sense are not on Yvette Cormier’s side, and I wish her zero luck in her transphobic pursuits. 

(Source: gaywrites, via gaywrites)

gender neutral spaces all genders trans community


The Alliance is excited to announce a new campaign, ‪#‎AllGenderMSU‬.

As we’ve learned from recent turmoil surrounding an incident at a Midland Planet Fitness, the state of acceptance for transgender and gender non-conforming folks is not getting any better. In fact, this lack of acceptance and knowledge often manifests in violence against transgender individuals. Unfortunately, the bathroom is a place within our culture where one must identify and present in very fixed ways, and if one does not, verbal and physical assault may ensue. Michigan State University does not currently provide adequate resources for ALL of its students to feel safe and welcome in that environment. Students who identify as Transgender, non-binary, and other places inside and out of the spectrum of gender, are less likely to feel safe and comfortable in a gendered restroom.

The Alliance of Queer and Ally Students at Michigan State University have taken it upon ourselves to advocate for spaces in which students of all genders can feel comfortable and safe. Currently, #AllGenderMSU is advocating for a clearly marked, unlocked All-Gender Restroom in every building on campus. With enough support, this goal could become reality in the very near future. The mission of our campaign is to increase transgender visibility and awareness on campus. We have created a pledge, which we’d like the MSU community to sign in support of this cause. The link can be found below.

Spartans stand together, which is why we must stand up with our trans and non-binary spartan family.

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Today was a good day…

Today we had our unpacking meeting for MBGLTACC 2015. We had some interesting discussion and got some great points on inclusivity and just general building of relationships between the members of the MSU delegation to better promote a sense of community in the delegation. We are looking forward to implementing these recommendations and are planning to make MGBLTACC 2016 at Purdue University even better. 

In other news, we also had our Spring Vacancy Elections right after the meeting, and we are very exciting to welcome new E-Board members to the Alliance team. Not to mention we also had some change ups with our existing members and their positions. So if you’re wondering…here are the results…

New/Changed Members and Positions:

Vice Chair: Emily Pelky

Office Manager: Louie Zedan

ASMSU Representative: Caitlynn Upton

Public Relations Coordinator: Sean Wolski

Conference Coordinator: Zach Crutchfield

Unchanged Members/Positions:

Chair: Mady Gildea

RHA Representative: Katrine Weismantle 

Lastly, keep an eye out for more information regarding our #allgendermsu campaign. We plan on presenting the #allgendermsu petition to President Lou Ann Simon, yes the PRESIDENT of Michigan State University a Big Ten school, will be confronted with the All Gender Campaign. So big things be happening…

If you have any suggestions for the Alliance, have any feed back on our events, or just want to get involved with our group, please feel free to message us. Check us out on our Facebook page  and follow us on Twitter  to stay updated on more Alliance news. 

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"Gay districts are constructed as havens, as sanctuaries, as places where expression and identity can freely tumble forward in messy, drunken messes. But this glosses over the realities of those of us who are policed for not being gay enough or for being too queer, for dressing wrong, for looking wrong, for being wrong; this doesn’t confront the complexities of police and policing at the intersections of queerphobia, racism, sexism and classism. This picture simply moves on past the interruptions that unruly bodies present, the disruptions to social norms that gave rise to gaybourhoods in the first place. This picture prioritises comfort over challenge, compromising the promise of safety and welcome that these neighbourhoods are supposed to stand for for those of us who aren’t white cis gay men. Who are the “gays” for whom gay districts are built (around)? Who gets to decide?"
- Gay, Interrupted: On Navigating Gaybourhoods As A Queer Brown Woman | Fikri for Autostraddle 

(Source: gaywrites, via gaywrites)

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